Brisbane, 1 June 2022. Rohan Reibelt and Stephen Dionysius have joined forces to create Venro Finance.

Both with established finance careers, Rohan and Stephen offer clients a highly personal level of service to secure loans that suit each individual’s circumstances. Together, they have a wealth of knowledge that spans all areas of finance and hold relationships with over 50 lenders.

Throughout their individual careers, Rohan and Stephen have helped hundreds of happy customers acquire property, both residential and commercial, as well as refinance and restructure debt portfolios. Venro’s service is end to end, including structuring, approval and settlement, turning a relatively complicated process into an interaction with true professionals who can help simplify the process.

Venro pride themselves on assessing what is best for the customer, even those with complicated finances and enabling the process with tailored methods, advice and competitive rates. To support the process Claire Robinson has joined the team as Venro’s Customer Relationship Manager. Venro specialise in; home loans and first home buyers, refinancing, investment loans and commercial property investment, construction finance and private clients and industry specialisation. Learn more about the team HERE.